Women Trust Mobile Media

A survey by Glam Media and Survey Interactive has found that mobile (22%) is the second most important medium for women according to those aged between 16 and 60.

Mobile is second only to the Internet (~60%) and is followed by TV (18%), radio (4%), newspapers (3%), magazines (1%) and cinema (1%).

47% of women like to read articles about specific products and brands, but 53% say they are more likely to respond to advertising if it is relevant. It is well-known that ads work better if they're set beside relevant content, such as beauty and fashion channels. Other statistics are included at New Media Age, 21 January 2010, p4

SMileS comments:
We predict a further shift in communication spend to mobile communication for delivering promotional offers, alerts, updates and links to Internet based digital content. We always state that any communication to someone's mobile phone should be relevant and timely; plus where data allows it should also be personalised. This increased response rates and reduces opt out by ensuring content is likely to be received positively.

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