How to use Twitter to bring in more business

Everyone is talking about the latest trend on social networking and web chat and how it can be used, not just to keep in touch with friends, but also to generate new business potential. We offer a few pointers on how you can start to make use of the latest on-line phenomenon.

Make Twittering work for your business

While Twitter has primarily been used for social networking, it can also have its uses in business to share ideas, keep in touch with customers and find new ones. The freedom of access – from the web sites and via instant messaging and mobile phones, means you can use it just about any time and any where and the ability to broadcast messages or keep them to a defined group means you can Twitter with whoever you want to.

Below we have outlined some hints for using Twitter to keep in touch with customers and in your own every-day business...

  1. Get the message out fast
    Twitter is a great way to communicate information about a new product, service or development, to scores or hundreds of users immediately. If you can, get people to sign-up to accept your Twitter communications.
  2. Make customers feel more valued
    Twitter is a great way to leak out a story. Customers may feel that they are part of a more exclusive community if they are amongst a select group chosen to receive information or communications first.
  3. Keep your finger on the pulse
    you can run quick-fire straw polls on Twitter and get an almost instant response to ‘what if…’ propositions and ideas
  4. Have drop-in ability
    you can send Twitter messages to anyone in a selected geographic area so if you are in the locality, you could let customers and contacts in the vicinity know you are passing near-by and get a swift response.
  5. Remember it's a two-way street
    you should always look to elicit a response from your messages. Twitter also gives people an opportunity to ask you questions. A good message to send to a group after launching a new service might be: "Any questions?"
  6. Keep it short and sweet
    you can only use 140 characters anyway, but as rule, the shorter the better. Use clickable links to direct people to relevant web pages for more information.
  7. Enable remote teams
    people who work at distance from each other can keep in touch with each other and collaborate on jobs using Twitter.
  8. Keep employees in touch
    you can keep staff informed and give them the opportunity to response straight away – to you or to everyone – using Twitter. You can communicate with the whole company or specific groups or teams of people.

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