Mobile Internet Usage Dominates Media

"Research across 15 European markets by the European Interactive Advertising Association (EIAA), has revealed that Europeans spend an average of 6.4 hours a week on mobile websites, compared with just 4.8 hours reading newspapers and 4.1 hours reading magazines. In general, Eastern European countries are experiencing increased internet penetration and Polish people spend more time on the internet via their mobiles than any other nationality. This clearly has implications for brands planning their marketing mix."
New Media Age, 4th March 2010, p6

SMileS Comment:

There's more and more digital content being produced in the UK – much of this content is held on websites; the challenge is to match relevant content to consumers or businesses who would benefit from that content, be it music, images, learning material, mobile applications etc.

An excellent strategy is to build a database of contacts on which those contacts can be profiled; ensure you obtain as many communication links as possible including the obvious landline number, email and most importantly mobile number.

As the usage of mobile Internet in the UK increases exponentially, which is imminent, signposting key customer groups to content relevant to them will become more important to obtain the best possible return for digital content. Text messaging is the most direct way of informing contacts about content relevant to them, as links to specific web pages and individual pieces of content can easily be included in a text message, especially by using applications such as and which shorten long web addresses.

Contacts can then simply click on the web link in the text message and quickly be directed to the specific content.

Our research shows that text messages are received in a positive way if they are relevant to the recipient and are sent at a time when they can be benefited from; profiling contacts then selecting specific content for them, then using a text message to put the two together, is an ideal way to build positive customer relationships and increase customer loyalty.

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