How to Effectively Use a Memorable Keyword & Shortcode

Here's how to effectively use an easy to remember keyword on an equally easy to remember shortcode to obtain new prospects.

When drivers and their passengers see this strong ‘call to action’ as they pull into the petrol station where the sign is strategically positioned, they can quickly and easily register their interest.

Total Fitness are immediately informed via the SMileS system that there's a new interested person wanting more information about becoming a new member. They can then ring the prospect and personally convert them to becoming a member and collect all the necessary payment details.

From a marketers point of view, this campaign is completely measurable, as statistics are available through the online SMileS system that shows all results for each keyword.

Total Fitness use different keywords for each advertising channel, ‘GYM’ for the mobile signs and ‘HEALTH’ for radio campaigns, so each ROI value can be measured.

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