Make your meetings more effective

I wrote these pointers to help our staff people at BNI and in networking in general, but it applies in all manner of situations too;

  1. Listen. Sounds easy, but actually listen to people, listen to their challenges, you may be able to help them, or know someone who can, this will build your credibility.
  2. Don't judge. If they are not great at getting their message over, don't just dismiss the idea, underneath it could be the perfect opportunity.
  3. Pace yourself, don't muddy the conversation by going off topic, we can all think faster than we can speak so concentrate on what it is you want to get across.
  4. Be enthusiastic, if it is something that interests them, don't dismiss their energy just because you don't like it, share their excitement.
  5. Don't assume, we have all heard the saying, "never assume it makes an ass out of u and me", but it really can damage your proposal if you haven't understood the requirement properly.
  6. Concentrate, it is easy to get distracted, especially when someone is detracting from the point, but keep heart and try and steer the conversation back.
  7. Keep calm, don't get over excited, and don't get over emotional about topics.
  8. Be structured, takes notes and follow up on actions promised.

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