Andy Earnshaw Delivering the CIM's ‘Branding’ Summary at the recent Huddersfield University Event

On Weds 3rd Feb Andy Earnshaw, Business Development Manager here at SMileS was asked to summarise, on behalf of the CIM (Chartered Institute of Marketing) at a Huddersfield University Business School event.

The main presenter was Alan MacKenzie from Yorkshire Bank who's ‘specialist subject’ was branding. Alan's presentation included lots of interesting content about how companies have built strong brands with loyal customers by building strong communication links.

He looked at images, actions and building trust. Andrew was asked by Nadio Granata, Senior Marketing Lecturer at the University, if he would summarise the seminar on behalf of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, for whom Andrew is a recent Chair of the Mid Yorkshire Branch and runs a technology marketing interest group.

Andrew thanked Alan and his colleagues and invited all present to download a CIM ‘branding’ document (if anyone would like a copy please email Andy. ‘This is your life: real brands for real people’ identifies a key trend in branding practice. To connect with ‘real’ people, brands themselves need to become more real.

Real people, real situations, real benefits. All of which resonate meaningfully with customers.

The report identifies 3 key stages:

  1. Stage 1: Trust
  2. Stage 2: Emotional Connection Stage
  3. Stage 3: Real People

For advice on how text messaging can help you with all three stages of this, then please get in touch. Why not text SMILES REAL to 67777?

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