Behavioural Targeting

"Dennis Publishing, publisher of Auto Express and Men's Fitness amongst others, is to implement behavioural targeting to provide users with more relevant advertising. Audience Science's technology is being used to collect data and create customer segments based on user behaviour amongst 1.4 million unique users."
New Media Age, 26 November 2009, p9

Part of the SMileS philosophy is to advise customers to only send messages that are relevant, timely and where data allows, personalised - so that they are not seen as intrusive, but are received positively. In that way recipients will benefit from receiving those messages and have a positive attitude to receiving more.

Segmenting a database, grouping contacts into segments that have similar profiles, then sending those segments different offers is clever marketing. The SMileS application allows a contact database to have any number of segments, with each contact being able to be a member of up to 5 different segments. Perfect.

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