Wi-Fi Spots Are Hot

"At present there are around 10,000 public wi-fi spots in the UK, but this is set to treble by 2012. Wi-fi usage increased by 47% in 2009 owing to a surge in usage mainly from smartphones and in particular the iPhone. Mobile operators are struggling to keep up with the amounts of data that phone users download to their phones and are actually encouraging customers to use wi-fi hotspots. These are emerging as a good interim method of coping with traffic loads while phone operators get on with building the next generation of mobile networks."
The Financial Times, 5th January 2010, p4

SMileS recognises that communication to Smartphones via the web is increasing, but we also know that sending a text message is a great way to direct Smartphones to your website, a particular webpage or your twitter feed - and with the use of services like www.bit.ly which allows a long webpage link to be shortened - it's even easier to add a web link into an SMS and still have characters to spare for your main message.

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