PPD Computing have integrated text messaging into their CRM solution

PPD Computing recently announced that SMileS SMS text messaging functionality has been fully integrated into its CRM system; enabling customers of CLIM8 to more easily communicate with their customers and prospects. See http://tr.im/sms01

With this new integration, it has never been easier to open a new communication channel with your contacts with CLIM8 CRM & SMS integration to send mass or one-to-one personalised text messages.

SMS, also known as text messaging, is quickly becoming an increasingly appealing way to contact customers and general contacts (even the BBC note that text messaging is weathering the recession - click here).

Perhaps you want to send them some news, a reminder of a special offer or event, or you may even want to integrate it into your prospect chain?

SMS Integration Features:

  • Send text to an individual
  • Send bulk texts
  • Send texts from CLIM8 Report
  • Sending options include specific date and time

SMS Integration:
PPD Computing provides CRM solutions to make it easier for you to build and maintain strong relationships with your contacts. SMS texting gives you another communication channel to distribute your latest news, information offers, promotions and other marketing material direct to your contacts mobile phone.

160 Characters:
This 160 characters is enough to tell you that Britons send over 2bn texts a week and over 94% of all text messages are read, what other medium has this result?

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