SMileS pleased to support the Huddersfield Town Business Club

On Tuesday Lunchtime (12/01/10) SMileS was pleased to support the Huddersfield Town Business Club as part of the SMileS sponsorship of Effective Events Limited. The Huddersfield Town Business Club event was managed and hosted by Paul Scott of Yorkshire Business Growth in association with SportsNet - a type of networking event specifically for businesses in the Sports market which is a concept of Effective Events Limited.

Attendees of the event were motivated by the creativity of guest speaker Andy Green of Creativity at Work, who covered a range of subjects and stories releveant to all those present - especially how he branded and grew the notion of ‘Blue Monday’, the third Monday of the year, this year falling on the 18th January, which research has revealed to be the most depressing day of the year. Andy has put his normal positive spin on the research to make Blue Monday a day to be embraced positively, to benefit businesses and individuals.

The SMileS sponsorship of Effective Events will enable event managers and attendees to learn about and appreciate the benefits of relevant and timely text messages to remind attendees of the time and date of an event, to provide accurate directions to the venue, then afterwards to thank attendees for their contribution and link them to any supporting or follow up content held on the event website - this can be seminar notes, presentation slides or an online survey about the event.

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