Automate the BNI Visitor Process

BNI is a great referral based networking organisation, businesses working together to help develop a wider network of customers and contacts. For more information go to

We received a great email from our Leadership host at BNI who are looking to improve the current method of inviting visitors and thanking them for attending afterwards.

"Had a good meeting with our programmer and Mark Evans from SMileS about how we can automate the texting system.

When people get a visitor confirming they will go to our website visitors section and enter the person's name, company name, email address and mobile number.

The system will then text the visitor at lunchtime the day before the meeting to remind them they are booked on and to bring plenty of business cards, it will include the location of the event and an emergency contact number. The day after the meeting it will text them again thanking them for visiting and giving them a contact name (probably mine) if they have any more questions.

This will be automated, so as long as the person has put the number in correctly no-one needs to activate it.

It will also start recording all the visitors in a database, so if in the future we want to do a visitors' day we could send a text / email out to everyone who's visited but not joined in the last few months."

Can we help your BNI chapter too?

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